Modern Calligraphy – Beginner

A 3 hour Modern calligraphy workshop for beginners where you will learn some basic calligraphy rules and tricks. You will learn some basic shapes, practice writing individual letters and in the end create a small project of your own. The main benefit of a live workshop is the individual approach and immediate feedback that will build a great knowledge base that you can later upgrade with your practice at home. The workshop is led by Tanja Užmah Mosquera, a young designer that has been teaching various calligraphy couses for the past couple of years.

Each participant receives a starting pack of tools and materials (calligraphy brush marker, calligraphy water brush pen, watercolors, workbook).

All workshops are organized in Slovenia and taught in Slovenian unless otherwise arranged.

You can subscribe to an email list, if you want to be notified when new workshops are available.

Gift certificates

If you have a friend that would love to attend a calligraphy workshop, this is an ideal gift opportunity! You can buy a certificate that is valid for any future workshop, just keep checking the published dates and apply by sending an email to when you want. You can choose between a digital certificate that you print at home or pay 2€ (+shipping cost) and get a printed certificate. The gift certificate is registered to a recipient name and can not be transferred.

Private workshops

If you have a group of friends that would love to learn the art of modern calligraphy, we can organize a private workshop. You will need to provide an appropriate space / classroom with enough chairs, tables and a writing board. The approximate prices are: 200€ starting cost and 20€ addition for each participant. The recommended maximum is 10 participants, so the approach can be individual. For more information please send an email to