Temporary tattoos | slovenian


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These cute temporary tattoos include 4 original hand lettered designs (+1 small illustration) that will instantly make you look even cooler. Fun temporary tattoos for kids and those that are still young at heart. Printed on special temporary tattoo material that is skin-safe, and non-toxic.

Size: 9,8 x 13,8 cm

Application instructions: Cut out the motive and remove the plastic top sheet. Apply tattoo face down to clean and dry skin. Dampen  and hold down for 30sec, remove the paper and admire!

Removal instructions: The tattoo can be removed with soap and water or a couple drops of baby oil for easier removal.

NOTE: Tattoo sheets are actually reversed so they are facing the right way when you apply them. Promotional images have been mirrored for better understanding of the applied result. Actual product colors may be slightly different than on the picture due to different monitor settings.

29 in stock